Xiaomi Mi Tool Installer

You'll need to install Xiaomi Mi Tool on your computer to use the tool. It's a single installer that allows users to visit the installer once and set up all the files for you.

Xiaomi Mi Tool is all in one tool

The Mi Flash Tool Download is all in one tool, including the ADB tool, the MI tool, and all the required drivers. If you want to change your phone it is just a complete package.

Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool packs

The Xiaomi MI Flash Tool packs USB drives by default for Microsoft RNDIS, MTP, Qualcomm, USB Serial and Google ADB drives. You will not have trouble installing USB drives.

Xiaomi Mi Tool Download has various flashing options.

MI Flash Tool Download has various flashing options. Xiaomi MI Flash Tool offers three flashing tools named ‘Flash All’, ‘Flash All except Storage’ and ‘Flash All except Data and Storage’.